At MW Recruitment, your career is our job



Once you have engaged MW Recruitment we will work through a structured process to find the best possible solution to your recruitment need.

  • Step 1: Database Search

    Over the years that we have spent in accounting and recruitment we have developed an extensive database of high quality candidates at all levels.

  • Step 2 : Advertising

    Advertising the role will also help us identify any new people in the market who might not be registered with us. Our preferred method of advertising is via the internet. One important point here is that we don’t on charge our client s for the advertising that we undertake.

  • Step 3 : Networking and Referrals

    One of our main sources of candidates is through our extensive networks within professional bodies such as the CPA, ICAA. These networks also include sporting and social groups both real and internet based. We firmly believe that good people know other good people.

  • Step 4: Processing Applicants

    All applicants are subject to screening and a rigorous interview process. Our interviews are generally conducted by 2 consultants and during this process we use competency based and behavioural questioning techniques to gain a true understanding of the candidates’ abilities. We also take the time to give the individual’s career advice and counselling so even if they are unsuccessful in their application they will have gained something through the process. After the completion of the process the consultants prepare a detailed candidate Summary Report that we submit to the client.

  • Step 5: Submission and Interview

    Once an applicant is deemed worthy of submission, we will send our Summary Report and the candidates CV in their format. We will follow up the email with a call and arrange an interview time suitable for both parties. One of our consultants will be available to attend the interview if you require assistance or coaching in the interview process.

  • Step 6: Feedback and Offer

    When the interview is completed, we will take and give feedback to both parties. At this stage we will also ensure that all the appropriate documentation including references have been finalised and made available to you. If an offer is made we will communicate the offer on your behalf and then manage the process so that you get the best possible outcome.

  • Step 7: Commencement and Retention

    When the candidate commences the role the consultant will keep in touch with you and your new employee to ensure that both parties are meeting their obligations. We will continue to stay in touch until the candidate has successfully completed their probation period. We can also assist you in developing retention strategies to retain your new staff member.


MW Recruitment is a boutique consultancy with a focus in:

  • Public Practice Accounting
  • Commercial
  • Finance

  • Administration & Support


We partner with ‘Big 4’/Top Tier, Second Tier, Mid Tier and boutique firms located in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and regional Queensland. We source job opportunities for graduates through to partners, as well as support staff

MW Recruitment’s goal is to assist you in navigating the market and making the significant life step of choosing a new role. We are not focused on high volume, low margin short-term placements. The ultimate compliment for us is when a candidate is placed in a long term career role and then becomes a client of MW Recruitment.MW Recruitment staff will work with you to ensure that you are represented honestly and fairly in the market place and that your requirements are met.


  • CFO’s
  • Financial Controller
  • Finance Managers

  • Financial Accountants

  • Bookkeeper

  • Accounts Assistant

Public Practice

  • Business Services

  • Audit

  • Taxation Consulting

  • Corporate Finance

  • Insolvency

  • Financial Planning

  • SMSF
  • Forensic & Litigation


  • Administration
  • Practice Management

  • Human Resources
  • Assistant
  • Bookkeeping


Our 2024 Salary Survey findings indicate that the predicted pay increase across all divisions is expected to be between 3.5% and 4.0%. Strong demand for staff persists across firms of all sizes, with salary expectations for those seeking new roles remaining high. Firms are still willing to pay top market rates for talented individuals, but have become more cautious in hiring staff. Quality candidates are receiving multiple interviews and job offers. multiple interviews and job offers.

NB: All figures are inclusive of superannuation

Role Current Salary (Jan 2024) Proposed Salary (July 2024)
Graduate $64,000 $65,000
Intermediate (1 year) $69,000 $72,000
Intermediate (2 years) $76,000 $79,000
Senior (3 years) $83,000 $86,000
Bookkeeper – Senior $89,000 $92,000
Upon CA/CPA $86,000 $90,000
4 years $95,000 $98,000
Client Manager / Supervisor $110,000 $114,000
New Manager $122,000 $128,000
Senior Manager $142,000 $147,000
Associate $153,000 $160,000
Salaried Partner $199,000 $205,000
Equity Partner $250,000 $250,000