Andrew and Hugh have over 20 years combined public practice recruitment experience. In that time they worked directly with a wide variety of firms of all shapes and sizes. As trusted advisors they have shared their clients journey through establishment, growth, succession and passing the firm’s onto the next generation.

The boys are ideally positioned to assist firms to acquire further fees, merge or sell.

With unparalleled relationships in the industry MW Recruitment Practice Brokering are sure to find the right fit if you are looking to acquire more fees, sell your practice or strengthen your market presence by merging your practice.

Whilst COVID certainly slowed the market there has been a swift recovery with firms of all sizes looking to grow through acquisition.

Recent Transactions

In 2022 & 2023, MWR saw unprecedented demand from buyers. Historically, low interest rates are allowing firms to achieve growth through acquisition.

We have buyers with approved finance who are willing to pay up to $1.20 for the right fee mix. Most sellers will have multiply buyers and options on how they exit their business.

$50K SMSF audit fees Sold at $1 for $1
$850K Sole practitioner Sold at $1.25
$2.3 million Business services practice Sold at $1.26
$3 million Three partner practice Merger at $1.30 
$4 million Multi-office QLD practice with a large interstate buyer Merger price not disclosable
$1.5 million Sole practitioner LOOKING TO MERGE