Join us as we raise awareness of MND and its impacts on our family, friends and community.

In the past 13 years, we have teamed up with MND and Me Foundation to raise money and awareness for people who suffer from motor neurone disease. Every year we organise a swimming carnival and invite Brisbane’s top Accounting and Law Firms to compete against each other in what can only be described as a school swimming carnival for professionals. Over 2,000 people from Brisbane’s finest Accounting and Law Firms attend each year!

What is Motor Neurone Disease?


MND is a terminal condition where the motor neurone nerve cells that control your voluntary muscles progressively die. It leads to the paralysis of limbs and you lose the ability to speak, swallow and breathe. The disease is rapid and debilitating.

What is the MND and Me Foundation?


The MND and Me Foundation was formed to raise awareness of MND and its’ impact on the community. The Foundation contributes financially toward research into finding a cure, but until one is found, the major objectives are to ensure those who have to live with this terrible disease and their families are supported by the Foundation in both financial and non-financial ways.

To Get Involved…


MW Recruitment’s Corporate Swimming Carnival is a great opportunity to increase your exposure and brand awareness with an active and involved audience. To get involved please contact Hugh Hamilton via phone on (07) 3009 6400.