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MW Recruitment respects that each candidate is an individual with their own unique ambition, talent and motivation. Entering the market place and choosing a new role is a significant life step for most people.

On many occasions this will involve our consultants recommending a different career path or choice that does not result in a fee for our business. Our desire is to ensure that each candidate is treated with the upmost respect and that we provide you with enough time and attention to truly understand your talents, your needs and long-term career objectives.

MW Recruitment staff will work with you to ensure that you are represented honestly and fairly in the market place and that your requirements are met.

Our communication style is to continually engage with you and keep you updated throughout the process. We pride ourselves on responding to you as quickly as possible throughout the process.

Career Advice

Our candidates are the lifeblood of our business. MW Recruitment prides itself on providing candidates with the best possible career advice. This can only be achieved through getting to know our candidates intimately and spending time with them to understand their skill set, their capabilities and long-term career objectives.

With extensive experience in the recruitment industry and a broad range of networks, our consultants are well placed to advise candidates on the correct path to achieving their goals.

We are not focused on high volume, low margin short-term placements. The ultimate compliment for us is when a candidate is placed in a long term career role and then becomes a client of MW Recruitment.

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